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1970 Bakeng Duce Prototype N70BD   –   $16,000


1970 Bakeng Duce Prototype N70BD


Original Prototype Bakeng Duce

1970 Bakeng Duce. N70BD. This is the original Bakeng Duce built by Gerry Bakeng. Good  flying aiplane. Nicely hangared in Necedah, WI. 888 total hours. I have too many planes, this one is not getting flown enough. Aircraft has original 125hp 0290G. Runs great.  Aircraft comes with spare disassembled O-290G for this price. Will let go for $15,000 without the spare engine. New upholstery, electric start, modern alternator, cabin heat, front cockpit hard cover and a basic radio.

Contact Cary Winch, Owner  608-565-3439